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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for me?

  • We can help you plan and book your trade fair, or regular business travel. We specialise in hotel reservations - both individual and group. We can also assist you with conference room bookings, transfers from/to: airport, hotel and venue, dinner reservations and logistics support.
  • We can provide you with free destination advice and insights as to what are the best possible accommodation solutions for your budget and requirements.
  • How does it work?

  • You can contact us through any of the available forms on this website, via the live chat service below, via email or telephone. We will collect specific requirements from you for your next business trip, which we need in order to prepare an adequate proposal.
  • The next step is that we check all our agreements with hotels and accommodation wholesalers for possible matches with enough availability in the destination city. We then prepare and email you a non-binding proposal containing several accommodation options.
  • We create a booking for your company only after you check and agree to the reservation-specific conditions, which we will also send you in writing.
  • How do you source the hotel rooms you are selling?

    Depending on the trade fair in question - we have contracted hotel room inventory of different size in various standard/location/price category hotels. We may also have rooms sourced via wholesaler accommodation reservation systems, otherwise not available to the end booker.

    Why should I book with you rather than online, or directly with the hotel?

  • We specialise in selling hotel accommodation during busy event periods, which means that we monitor the market years before the event actually takes place and are able to negotiate discounted rates with the hotels and providers we work with. Booking with us guarantees you a lower rate and access to hotel properties which are not available via other booking channels.
  • Over 60% of the hotels in all major trade fair destinations have pre-existing fixed bookings with regular exhibitors who visit every edition of the event. This greatly limits the number of rooms available to companies which have not booked their hotel yet. Based on our relationship with hotel chains, as well as small, family-owned hotels, we possess a substantial amount of the available rooms on the market during the busiest events. Booking with us ensures that you receive a bigger and better choice of hotels. This increases your chances of finding a hotel that is suitable for your specific needs (location-, standard- and price-wise).
  • Trade fair bookings made by exhibitors and visitors are far more likely to be changed, modified or cancelled by the customer, compared to regular leisure bookings. Our team understands this, and any requests or post-booking management is done quickly and efficiently. Our customer service is especially useful for companies with group reservations, as any changes are processed much quicker compared to the service an on-line booking tool provides.
  • In many cases, we have a dedicated staff member in the hotel, or in the Central Reservations Office of the hotel chain that takes care of our requests and bookings with priority. This means that our customers receive the best possible treatment for their already confirmed bookings.
  • You get a single point of contact not only for your trade fair hotel booking, but for any additional services you may require - conference room rental, transfers from/to: airport, hotel and venue, dinner reservations and logistics support. This service is free for our customers. The destination expertise and travel advice are free as well :)
  • Can I see all hotels you have on offer?

    The short answer is - you cannot. We provide a personalised service based on specific requirements that you give us. We custom prepare a proposal for you, which contains only a selection of properties that match these requirements. We will also include our own recommendations based on our personal experiences with the hotels, or based on feedback received from other exhibitors and visitors of the event in question.

    What guarantee do I get if I make my booking through you?

  • Each hotel reservation is fully prepaid to the hotel and reconfirmed twice with the hotel staff before the actual travel date. You will be given a prepaid accommodation voucher detailing your booking along with an in-house hotel confirmation number and the contact details of the hotel itself. If you choose to do so, you will be able to contact the hotel and verify your existing prepaid booking.
  • The greatest guarantee are the testimonials from our hundreds of happy customers with thousands of successfully completed events. Additional references by customers are available to you upon request.
  • In some occasions (depending on the terms of our contract with the hotel you are booking), we may be able to provide you with a confirmation of your booking before your payment, so you can verify with the hotel first and then complete your booking.
  • We maintain an inventory of available rooms which can be allocated to customers in the unlikely event of a hotel becoming overbooked during the busiest of trade fairs. This is a rare situation beyond our control, caused by a mistake in the way a hotel is selling its rooms. This additional inventory that we maintain ensures an additional guarantee for our customers.
  • Are your services free?

    Our services are free for our customers. The prices in our proposals are final. No additional payments are required. We receive our commissions from the hotels we work with.

    What if I have problems on check-in?

    Problems on arrival are extremely rare, because all trade fair reservations are fully prepaid and reconfirmed twice with the hotel staff prior to the actual travel date. Based on statistics from the last 5 years - one in every 150 guests may experience a problem on check-in. An emergency telephone line is provided to all business travellers and an Bulgarian Dream Travel agent is available to solve any problematic situations during check-in.

    Can I, and should I pay for my accommodation directly to the hotel on arrival?

  • We have contracts with the hotels we offer for room allotments during trade fair periods and we are required to prepay all rooms to the hotels before the arrival of all guests. Therefore, it is, unfortunately, not possible to pay your reservation directly to the hotel.
  • Hotel rates during busy trade fair periods - regardless of whether being flexible or fully non-refundable - are fully pre-payable to the hotels. Even if you choose to make a booking with a hotel directly, you will still be required to prepay the reservation before the arrival.
  • Some on-line booking websites offer hotels which allow payment on arrival. However, because of the high risk of last-minute customer cancellations during busy periods, these websites and the hotels on offer there cost at least 30% more than the same standard/same location hotels which require payment in advance.
  • What if I need to make changes, or cancel my booking?

  • Even if the cancellation deadline for your confirmed reservation has passed, we always strive to be flexible and confirm even last-minute changes.
  • We provide reservation-specific conditions for each booking prior to the customer confirmation. You confirm your booking only if you agree to the reservation-specific cancellation terms. Any cancellations within the free cancellation deadline are fully refundable. Any cancellations after the free cancellation deadline are subject to cancellation charges. However, due to the volume of requests and bookings we process and the partner agency network that we have, we are usually able to re-sell portions of the cancelled reservation and refund you for it.
  • Can I pay my exhibition entrance fee with you?

    We are an independent travel agency and not the organiser of the event you are attending. If needed, we will provide you with a link to the official web page of the organiser where you can register and buy entrance passes for the event you are attending.

    Can you find me a hotel during any event worldwide?

    Yes, we can! We have listed all major trade fairs that take place worldwide on our website. Even if you cannot find the event you are interested in on our website, you can still contact us and send us your request, and we will be happy to assist you.

    Are you the official travel agent for the event I am attending?

  • We are the officially approved travel agency for some, but not all, of the events listed on our website. Each event on our website has a separate profile page, which also contains clear information on whether we are affiliated with the organiser of the respective event, or not. Even if we are not affiliated with the event you are attending, our contracts and agreements with the hotels in your travel destination are absolutely valid and can be verified by you prior to booking.
  • Less than 20% of the trade fairs worldwide have an officially appointed travel agency. This makes it a highly dynamic and competitive market niche and we advise you to conduct a research before entrusting your trade fair hotel booking to a certain agency.
  • What happens with my hotel reservation if the event is cancelled/postponed/rescheduled due to COVID-19?

    Please note that, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the approach to cancelling non-refundable bookings may change depending on the region where the booking was made and on the current situation in the region where the booked hotel is located. We cannot guarantee free cancellations of non-refundable bookings as a decision on refunding depends on hotel and supplier. However, we are always willing to make the best efforts to cancel/reschedule bookings to destinations where restrictions have been imposed at the state level.

    What are the COVID-19 entry rules for travelers?

    The rules according to which countries receive travelers/ tourists during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are subject to change at any time. We are kindly advising you to consider the official sources regarding governmental guidelines and measures related to all travel restrictions and travel requirements in place for your country of origin for the destination you are travelling to. Travel may be permitted only for certain purposes. Be informed that during check in guests may have to provide negative Covid test or vaccination certificate. The information listed here is provided for the purposes of information only, therefore Bulgarian Dream Travel Ltd. cannot be responsible for its accuracy.

    Need more info?

    If you need more information or any help with our cookie policy, please get in touch with us.